About Us

About Us

Roadvert is an amazing suite of applications that turns any vehicle into an accountable marketing force.

When we created the lightest changeable graphic system in the world in 2002, we had no idea where the journey would take us with the patented Spedian system and how we would evolve.

We now deal with major brands, raise revenue for Local Authorities, help Councils communicate with their residents on waste issues, foster care, and more recently on safety issues concerning Covid 19. We have worked closely with the UK Government and the Devolved Governments to get the right messages across. We have helped retailers with their own fleets increase sales at a low cost.

Where is Roadvert going?

Roadvert is a company that is evolving from traditional signage, Spedian, to a digital integration of both that is concentrated on making a vehicle of any size and shape a marketing asset.

We have combined our fast change and reusable graphics with the latest technology that is unique to Roadvert. A technology that we have created ourselves and when combined with our fast change graphics is unique globally!

Our technology, iRoadvert, allow us to deploy our Last Yard™ initiative which can be used by both Municipal and Commercial Enterprises. This initiative brings specific personal messaging to the customer's doorstep.

When you deploy Spedian graphics as the umbrella campaign on your vehicles, you can change the message tactically by time and location by installing iRoadvert on your vehicles.

Roadvert has the future of mobile one to one marketing in Last Yard™

We have been piloting Roadvert Ads On The Move, a revenue generation initiative for Councils. Our experienced team sell advertising space on the side of Council vehicles. By using our unique audience predictor, Roadvert Media, they can advise the clients of the potential audience that their ads will reach.

There are a number of Councils that have been involved in the pilot during these difficult times. All have received cheques from Roadvert.

Roadvert is in summary, a suite of applications that will make you money from your fleet no matter where that fleet is!

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