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Roadvert Ads On The Move

Roadvert Ads On The Move

Our ‘No Cost To Council’ revenue generation programme is proving to be very popular as more Councils are looking to join the programme every day.

We have been running successful tests by way of pilots with several Councils in England and Scotland.

The findings of the pilots have been interesting, both parties, the Councils and the advertisers have had great results.

“This is a highly professional team that work hand in glove with the Council to achieve the best results for the Local businesses and create revenue that goes towards Council services”

Spokesperson from Scarborough Council

“For the Gloucester Carpet Outlet gaining brand awareness, this has been one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising we have ever used and are proud to see our branding driving round.”

For Gloucester Carpets

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The Councils are being given credit for supplying a low cost media platform for local businesses. The process is simple, ads are approved by the Council before they are applied in 10 minutes to the council vehicles. At the end of the campaign, the Spedian panels can be reused by the advertiser or recycled by us to a new product.

So how does the programme work and that makes us unique?

We employ a dedicated sales team that are used to dealing with local businesses. Our audience prediction software, Roadvert Media, helps advertisers understand the impacts they will get from their advertising on the vehicle's sides. That predicted audience can be confirmed at the end of the campaign as a proof of delivery.

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The vehicles that we predominantly use and that have been the most effective are the refuse collection vehicles. These vehicles go down every street, avenue, crescent, road in a Councils neighbourhood-slowly.

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With the massive uplift in home workers, the potential audience has grown significantly making this local media the ideal platform to send customers to the web site or to lift the phone for a service advertised on the vehicles.

In a recent advertising study based on a three month campaign this Spring one client saw enquiries increase by over 25% against a traditional media campaign in the same period in 2019!

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Roadvert Ads On The Move is a win win for both Councils and Advertisers!

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