How it Works.

iRoadvert technology puts your mobile assets to work by delivering specific messages to your audience.

The backbone of the system is our telemetry which collects measurements and other data at specific points and allows their automatic transmission to the iRoadvert platform. The depth of the data capture can be very significant and is easily broken down.

Marketing and loyalty programmes will benefit from this data by adding to existing market data on consumer behaviour and reaction.

iRoadvert delivers broad based messaging or targeted messaging as the mobile asset goes about its daily journey.

This messaging can be delivered to the doorstep of the consumer with a message specific to that household.

Broadcasts can be changed by time and location. These broadcasts can all be pre-programmed.

On major thoroughfares, this smart technology can measure the number of impacts the truck has had on its journey to the doorstep. This can be measured against the predicted audience of the asset whilst on its journey by using iRoadvert’s unique audience predictor software, Roadvert Media.

Only with iRoadvert can you reach your market with instant messaging and rapid data collection.

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