iRoadvert is the most advanced mobile digital marketing platform that communicates with communities and commercial clients apps.

Roadvert are world leaders in developing ways of using many types of vehicle to communicate with their respective audiences in an accountable and measurable manner. We were first to launch the lightest changeable graphic system.

We knew that vehicles had an audience value so we developed our audience predictor

With smart technology advancing quickly, we developed our mobile beacon communication product, iRoadvert.

iRoadvert beacons attached to a vehicle can reach the target audience smart device quickly and effectively at a very low cost of communication.

If the broadcast is information the data feedback will relay the success rate of client interface and even action taken on that information.

If the content of the broadcast is an offer for a commercial company, this can and will increase sales. These offers can follow the consumer actions down to the purchase and use of the broadcast.

As more and more of different types of vehicle travel down our streets, refuse vehicles or home delivery, our technology communicates on the doorstep with broadcasts that are relevant to the vehicle.

Broadcasts can be video, text, barcode or QR code. These broadcasts will be received by the client smart device relevant to the broadcast content.

Even if the client is mobile, broadcasts will be received.

The broadcast content can be changed by location and time. This enables the communication to be changed by the doorstep! The client smart device will only receive the broadcast content once.

This data is confidential to the client server and Roadvert has no access.

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