No Cost To Council

No Cost To Council

Roadvert developed this initiative of raising much needed funds for Councils during the pandemic. Although still in its infancy, Roadvert Ads On The Move sales team has sold over £200,000 of ad revenue and shared this with its member councils.

The way it works is that Roadvert take over part of the Council fleet of vehicles and sells the space on the vehicle sides to local businesses. With the demise of local newspapers, this is a much needed alternative for small businesses to communicate with local residents.

Roadvertmedia audience predictor helps the advertiser with their decision to advertise on the vehicle. Advertisers can then specify how many sides are required to reach their audience effectively within their budget. Their audience is verified when the campaign period is finished.

The refuse vehicle becomes an accountable mobile billboard promoting the local business that has paid for the ad space on the side. The subsequent revenue is shared with the Council.

All advertising is approved by the Council before installation on the vehicle.

Ads On The Move is a win win scenario for both Councils and local businesses. Councils can use the free revenue for local projects and local busineses have a very effective advertising medium that every resident will see at least once over the campaign period.

All at no cost to the Council

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