The Spedian Systemâ„¢

The Spedian Systemâ„¢

Over 140 Councils use Roadvert’s Spedian System to deliver important information to their communities. Spedian is the lightest, fastest to install and the only changeable system that is maintenance free.You can change and reuse your ad banners as often as you like.

Which vehicles will a council use?

The refuse vehicles travel down every street in the Council and with Spedian banners are the most powerful and ecological postcode advertising that you own. Massive mobile billboards that can be swapped over to different vehicles to cover different Council areas.

Spedian is the only changeable system that can be used with vans. Ads fit snuggly in the side recess panels and rear doors.

Every Council has their own unique audience predictor that helps with the value of the Council marketing campaigns. Its called Roadvert Media try your Council now!

Spedian and Roadvert Media are used in the unique No Cost To Council revenue generation programme. Substantial funds have already been raised for participating Councils in a short period of time.

When you are finished with the Spedian banners, get them back to us and we will recycle them to new products such as traffic cones.

Specify the Spedian frameless changeable graphic system from Roadvert.

Over 140 Councils, and growing monthly, cannot be wrong!

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