The Spedian Systemâ„¢

The Spedian Systemâ„¢

Spedian is the only certified Recycled to Reuse changeable graphic system available in the UK.

Some descriptionSpedian is the World’s only reusable vehicle graphic system with no visible frame! It’s also the lightest truck frame system in the world a 3.5m box van system will weigh only 800g or 35g per linear metre. The equivalent weight for competitor systems is up to 19kg.! This affects fuel consumption and delivery and collection weights.

Spedian is the only reusable graphic frame system that can fit the window recess panels of light commercial vehicle and vans.

The Spedian HD banners are guaranteed to stay colourfast up to 12 months. This means they will always stay as clean as your vehicle. Tested in truck washes for 150 times in one year.

Spedian does not need any bolts, rivets, screws, metal or plastic frame to fix the advertising panel to the vehicle. This is excellent for leased and hire vehicles as unlike metal or plastic frames, Spedian can be removed with no damage to the vehicle substrate.

The Spedian frame is guaranteed for the vehicle’s useful lifetime and is maintenance free.

The system was rigorously tested every over two years at one of the top vehicle testing locations in the world -the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA). Testing was updated at MIRA in April and November 2016. The Spedian System also passed all safety tests in the USA at the Transportation Research Centre in Ohio February 2017.

We can train your colleagues to install and change banners keeping your costs down further. You can re- use the panels that you de-install for seasonal campaigns as many times as you like or have them recycled to reuse.


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