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04 MAY

Roadvert, Public Health England and Central Bedfordshire deliver life saving Coronavirus message

A new campaign will see refuse vehicles in the UK carry a ‘stay home, protect the NHS, save lives’ message down UK streets in an attempt to reinforce government advice.

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01 MAY

Spedian featured in Darlington & Stockton Times

Richmondshire District Council's nine bin trucks have been emblazoned with the national NHS slogan Stay Home Save Lives thanks to the Spedian vehicle graphics system.

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30 APR

Spedian featured in Edinburgh Press for helping to support the Coronavirus awareness campaign

Spedian has recently been featured in Edinburgh local press for helping to support the Coronavirus awareness campaign.


It has been featured in:


Evening News:


Edinburgh Reporter:


Edinburgh Live:


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23 APR


Fleets of Refuse Vehicles to Carry Life Saving Message Down Britain’s Streets

Marketing guru Lawrence Craig has joined the fight against COVID-19 by spearheading a hard-hitting ‘visual’ campaign which will be seen by every home across the country.

The CEO of the UK’s leading vehicle graphics specialist Roadvert has teamed up with Public Health England in its fight against coronavirus by reinforcing the crucial call for members of the public to stay indoors in a unique way.

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21 APR

Spedian graphics system puts Bear Trucking and MillerCoors on the road to greater profitability

After a record-breaking first quarter with snow and cold temperatures throughout many parts of the U.S., the calendar indicates springtime is nearly here. As nature springs back to life, many companies signal the change in seasons by refreshing their marketing campaigns. Such is the case with what MillerCoors is doing with Bear Trucking’s fleet of vehicles in the western United States. The latest phase of a well-coordinated, multi-year campaign that allows Bear Trucking to rebrand its trailers quickly, more efficiently and at a significant cost savings, is nearing completion. What once took nearly 30 days of taking trucks out of service is now being turned around in one week, courtesy of the Spedian Changeable Graphics System offered by leading fleet services graphics provider Modagrafics. Splashy new artwork promoting the Coors Light brand is being applied to more Bear trailers, ahead of when beer sales begin to tick upwards as people rediscover outdoor activities. “The banners with the new branding look phenomenal, and the whole fleet of trailers looks great,” exclaimed Jeff Watson, Bear Trucking’s general manager for the last five years. “It’s so much easier and there are no issues replacing the graphics, even on trailers we’ve had for 20 years. It’s much better than what we did previously to represent MillerCoors brands.”

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